• Anger Management Module

    1 Lessons 250.00$

    You and many others may think that anger management is about learning to suppress one’s own anger. Let it be known that ANGER MANAGEMENT is not about suppressing your feelings of anger but rather to understand the message behind your emotion and express it in a healthy way without losing control. When you do, you will not only feel better, also you will be more likely to get your needs met, be able to manage conflict, be a better person and strengthen your relationships or in any sociological context. Anger management takes effort, but with patient you will be able to control your anger and express it positively in order to build better relationships, achieve your goals, and lead a healthier, more productive and more satisfying life.

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  • Sensual Massage Therapy

    16 Lessons 250.00$

    Sensual Massage is an intimate art, an ancient practice which is great for old and young alike. Sensual massage combines the physical with the spiritual, it is a fusion of environment, preparation and pressure points. It is as much about how to touch as it is about where to touch. sensual massages take the couples to a stage of trance where physical limitations are surpassed to a positive extent in life which leads to mental relaxation, emotional rejuvenation and body’s over all physical improvement.

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  • Romance & Anointing

    5 Lessons 250.00$

    Romance is a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love. Mystery is defined as any truth that is unknowable except by divine revelation. Romance in the context of tho workshop includes romantic gestures and the act of love making itself. The New Testament Greek words for “anoint” are chrio, which means “to smear or rub with oil” and, by implication, “to consecrate for office or religious service”; and aleipho, which means “to anoint.”

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  • Ministers Wives & Sexuality

    13 Lessons 250.00$

    Simply put, sexuality is a person’s sexual orientation and preference, it is the S understanding that individuals have about sexual expressions. Sexuality is very complex, it’s not just sex or an act of sexual intercourse as misunderstood by so many people, it comprises of combinations of human experiences.

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  • Mastering The Act of Kissing

    10 Lessons 100.00$

    Even though there are lot of historical pointers to how kissing started, some of which we will discuss here, but the desire to be passionate with the opposite sex, brought about romantic kissing. According to anthropologist Cesare Lombroso, it was during the 19th century that the lover’s kiss originated from the kiss a mother gives to her child. However, casual kissing was already common in Greek and Roman society. while other societies were ignorant to the act.

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